Connelly Groove Wakeboard - Black

Year: 2021Connelly
Model CN-WA-GRO19

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The Groove is built for riders, plain and simple. The feature-free base design, ABS sidewalls and burly Xtrans sliding surface are geared to handle all of your park needs. A carefully sculpted continuous rocker line shaped for carving up wakes behind the boat gives you a best of both worlds deck for whatever mood you're in. Four 1" bolt on fins can be added for extra edge grip or removed for a catch free ride.


  • Flex core
  • Flat Xtrans base
  • Triax layup
  • Continuous rocker
  • 4 bolt on 1” composite fins
  • Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced

Sizes and Specs:

  • Size: 139 , 145
  • Center Width: 17.63” , 17.63”
  • Tip/Tail Width: 13.31” , 13.31”
  • Rocker Height: 2.65” , 2.76”
  • Rider Weight: 145lbs , ​≥165lbs