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Beuchat Womens C-Zip Hood 8mm Diving Wetsuit

Year: 2023 Model: B-61871Beuchat
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Model B-61871

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Increased sealing and chest-zip position that allows to dress without assistance and avoids discomfort in the back.

Protection of seams and increased water-proofness with Liquid Seal.


  • Beuchat cut specially designed to offer a flexible and comfortable suit with liquid PU covered seams
  • Full-width elbow-level front zip enables divers to dress without assistance, allows more flexibility and avoids discomfort in the back
  • Easy access and handling for your own gear and your partners
  • Back stretch panel between the shoulders in Elaskin X 6.9 to increase mobility and make the hood easier to put on
  • Soft polar lining offers a high degree of comfort
  • Interior made entirely of Fireskin 2 for optimum thermal protection
  • Optimum thermal protection thanks to an inner lining made entirely of Fireskin 2, 11 mm thick at the chest and shoulders (8 mm thick suit in addition to the inner shell in 3mm ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene)
  • Hood easier to put on thanks to the rear stretch panel in Elaskin X 6.9
  • Diagrams to assist undressing inside the suit
  • Enhanced water tightness thanks to a semi-dry zip combined with the 3 mm Elaskin inner shell and liquid seal on the seams
  • Semi-dry G-Lock plus zip
  • Improved protection and water tightness of seams by liquid seal
  • 360° one-piece face seal for improved comfort, water tightness and durability
  • Easy Wave System inner seal on forearms and shins
  • Easy Wave System inner seals for the forearms and shins consisting of collars that fit snugly against the skin and require no assistance while dressing
  • Knee reinforcements made of hard-wearing Supratex 2
  • Hood with printed photo luminescent trim
  • Colour : black and grey / black
  • Pull cord stored cleverly and stylishly in the seam of the zip


  • Type: Wetsuit
  • To use: Cold water or temperate
  • Neoprene: Elaskin
  • Reinforcements: Supratex 2
  • Fireskin 2: ✔
  • Easy Wave System: ✔
  • Air Escape System: ✔
  • Material: Jersey inside
  • Norme: EN 14225-1 CLASS B (Temp. 10 - 18°C)