Cressi Skylight Swimming Goggles - White/Pink

SELECT COLOUR:Cressi Skylight Swimming Goggles - White/Pink
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Cressi Skylight goggles have an innovative frame, unique to Cressi. This mask uses mono-lens technology, and the lenses are manufactured with an internal anti–fog treatment, are scratch-resistant, and shatterproof. The new Skylight Lenses in the mirrored and tinted version, block out the ultraviolet light, enabling the swimmer to make out shapes more clearly. The innovative shape of the new Cressi Skylight frame delivers a maximized peripheral view. The silicone strap provides a secure and stable fit on the face for long periods in the water. Our patented easy-adjustable buckle has made it among the very best, for many years. If you are looking for the ultimate swim mask in the market, the Cressi Skylight is the mask for you


  • Easy adjustable buckle
  • Total vision
  • 100% Anti-Uv lenses
  • Anti Scratch lenses
  • Anti Fog lenses