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Sony Waterproof Walkman 4GB MP3 Player - Black

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The Sony Walkman Waterproof All-in-One Sports MP3 Player is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It's waterproof, wire-free design, 4GB capacity and quick charge function, make it the ideal partner for any workout.

Top Features of the Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports MP3 Player Headphones

  • 100% waterproof
  • Operates at up to 2m
  • Wire-free design
  • 4GB capacity - around 100 songs
  • 3 minute quick charge function
  • 8hr battery life
  • ZAPPIN® for eyes-free music browsing
  • only 29g

Get Flexible without the hassle of cables
With no wires to worry about, the new Sony Walkman won't slow you down with dangling cables while you're in the pool or moving to the music. You don't even need to attach the all-in-one player to clothing or goggles. The stylish, ergonomic design features securely-fitting earphones with a selection of ear bud sizes to choose from, for maximum comfort and confidence during perspiration-drenched workouts. They won't fall out no matter how energetic you are!

3 Minute Quick Charge Gives You 1 Hour Listening from Flat
The W273 has stamina too, with a quick 3-minute charge providing playback for 60 minutes, a fully-charged battery gives up to 8 hours of pure uninterrupted listening. Simple USB connection for charging and loading your music means you're never stuck searching for extra wires and separate attachments.

Simply Drag and Drop your Tunes from any PC or Mac
The 4GB memory gives plenty of space to load your favourite tunes, and PC and Mac compatible drag and drop from any music library, including iTunes, provides hassle-free transfer of all your favourite tracks and workout playlists. ZAPPIN? song search technology lets you browse quickly through all your music without interrupting your workout, allowing you to preview a bit of each track without fiddly searches through menus or playlists.

Box Contains

  • Quick Start guide
  • Adjustment band
  • Standard-type earbuds (S,M,L,LL size)
  • USB cable
  • Swimming earbuds (S,M,L,LL size)

New depths

  • Sound waves never sounded better.
  • Don’t just take it to the pool. Take it under water. The W Series Sports Walkman can be completely submerged to keep your music playing, lap after lap.

Operates at 2 METRES

  • Made to move
  • Whether you’re lapping the pool or biking the trails, the W Series Sports Walkman delivers your beats on the move.

Freedom to move

  • Comfortable, secure, never in your way
  • Lightweight and snug-fitting, the W Series Walkman features a hands-free, no-wire design that stays in place no matter what.

Treat your ears to great underwater sound

  • Swimming earbuds1 are specially designed to keep water out and deliver rich, accurate sound, lap after lap. Unlike standard buds, they have a thin membrane that prevents water from penetrating your headset.

It's easy to use

  • Just drag, drop and go
  • Spend less time organizing music and more time sweating to it. Simply connect to a computer, then drag and drop your favorite songs.​

Find your music on the run.

  • Just hold down the play button for two seconds to activate the ZAPPIN™ feature and scan the chorus of your best workout songs to easily match your intensity.

Big sound, small size

  • 13.5mm drivers deliver deep bass and dynamic audio reproduction without the bulk of standard headphones, so you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them.