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Sooruz Fighter Pro 2/2mm Zip-Free Longarm Shorty Wetsuit - Black/White

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The FIGHTER is our best value for money wetsuit.

Signature series JORGANN COUZINET, pro surfer. With him we have improved flexibility on the shoulders & arms.  Aesthetic was really worked to a new style of wetsuit with our sea tempest graphic over on the left arm.

The FIGHTER Springsuits are light and easy to put on. Very comfortable and ideal for the summer season.
Made of Oysterprene Y6, soft and light. An eco-responsible evolution that improves flexibility without increasing our prices.
Oysterprene: foam made from oyster shell powder.

  • The seams are sewn and glued (GBS) and reinforced with patches at intersections and critical areas + neoprene strips to reinforce certain seams for improved resistance and comfort.
  • Key pocket : lycra gusset inserted in the seam with elastic sewn inside
  • Prints on the shoulder, signature wetsuit of professional surfer Jorgann Couzinet
  • Zip-Free opening system for more waterproofness

We bring particular attention to our products, here are the finishes of our FIGHTER : 

  • Reinforcement of the ends with strips of glue to preserve the watertightness in time.
  • Specific unique pattern on the shoulders 
  • 3 year warranty on seams and 1 year warranty on material for all our wetsuits.