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Sooruz Fighter Pro 3/2mm Zip-Free Fullsuit Wetsuit - Black/White

Model: MWFIGZF32Sooruz
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Model E21-MWFIGZF32

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The FIGHTER is our best value for money wetsuit.

Signature series JORGANN COUZINET, pro surfer. With him we have improved flexibility on the shoulders & arms.  Aesthetic was really worked to a new style of wetsuit with our sea tempest graphic over on the left arm.


  • Storm-Dry inside lining SOÖRUZ on the chest and back will preserve the natural warmth of your body. This material is made of recycled polyester and dries very quickly. 
  • The seams are glued & blinded stiched and reinforced by patches at the seam junctions.
  • Zip-free entry system, Most flexible system. 


  • Storm Dry/Y5: Wetsuits of Y5-flex Oysterprene and Inside Storm Dry Technology
  • GBS: Glue and blind stiched construction
  • Black Diamond covering: Wind protection
  • Seams: Full G4 HEAT-ON tape, insulating and very Flex
  • Lining: Recycled Polyester

We bring particular attention to our products, here are the finishes of our FIGHTER : 

  • Reinforcement of the ends with strips of glue to preserve the watertightness in time.
  • Specific unique pattern on the shoulders 
  • 3 year warranty on seams and 1 year warranty on material for all our wetsuits.