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Zhik G2 Short Finger Sailing Gloves

Year: 2021Zhik
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Model GLV-0020-U-BLK

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Brand new from Zhik their new G2 Long Finger Sailing Gloves. Designed from the ground up to do exactly what you need from a pair or gloves, be comfortable, grip things and don't wear out.


  • Ergonomic pre-shaped pattern
  • Durable outer face for extra durability and form fit.
  • Re-inforced palm and finger panelling
  • Kevlar stitching and clever seam placement
  • Offset stitching and panelling in key areas to eliminate pressure points
  • Hivis and reflective detailing for aid in low light
  • Padding and grip specifically tailored to extend further up fingers to suit both small and large diameter lines.
  • High performance dinghy and yachting

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