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Beuchat Iceberg Pro Drysuit & Carry Bag

Model: B-46890Beuchat
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Model B-46890

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Watertight high-density neoprene suit



  • The innovative positioning of the zip offers a clear gain in comfort and large freedom of forward movement so that the suit can be put on without assistance.
  • Full-width chest level horizontal TIZIP Masterseal 10 watertight fastener with preformed external neoprene net protection flap.


  • BEUCHAT high quality pre-formed anatomical cut.

Outer material

  • 4 mm high density ultra-flexible ELASKIN X 2.2 neoprene.
  • High density neoprene is more flexible than pre-compressed neoprene, offering greater comfort and better freedom of movement while preserving the same insulation qualities as compressed neoprene.
  • It also allows divers to reduce ballast while delivering hydrodynamic results comparable to those of a wet suit.


  • Si-Tech.
  • Internal protection for increased comfort around valves (chest and arms) plus a deflector function on the chest valve to eliminate discomfort caused by airflow.
  • The position of the purge button on the arm allows divers to reduce pressure using only one hand.

Dive socks

  • Flexible elastic multi-size socks.
  • This extremely comfortable sock allows you to mix and match your suit and sock sizes.
  • This solution offers improved isothermal protection and a longer suit lifespan than when the dive boot joins the suit at the calf.

Inner material

  • Double-face jersey.
  • Elaskin X 6.4 stretch panel in back to simplify undressing.
  • Interior shoulder straps to ensure a snug anatomical fit at the crotch.


  • Bottle-neck style smooth neoprene inner seals for better watertightness.


  • Transformable double collar with fastener flap closure.
  • Anatomical collar seal at base of hood allows free movement of the head without letting in water.


  • Flexible neoprene pocket designed to offer volume with no impact on hydrodynamics.
  • The pocket can hold a diving mask and other items safely thanks to an attachment ring.


  • Supratex 2 knee reinforcements.
  • Reinforced PU seat panels (sturdy + anti-slip).
  • Reinforced PU thigh panels.
  • Reinforced PU shoulder panels.

2 in 1 bag: carry bag and ground sheet

  • A carry bag that can also be used as a ground sheet.
  • When using the bag as a ground sheet, remove your dive suit cleanly before positioning it on the sheet. Then simply close the bag with the suit inside and carry it home without getting wet and without wetting the boot of the car.


  • Type: Dry
  • To use: Cold water
  • Neoprene: Elaskin X2.2
  • Reinforcements Supratex 2
  • Hood Holder:
  • High Quality Preformed:
  • Norme: EN 14225-2 (Dry suit)