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Green Stuff ECO Surfboard Wax [PACK OF 5]

Green Stuff
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Model ECO-WAX-5

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A pack of 5 blocks of the No1 Eco friendly surfboard wax

A bit of background from the manufacturer:

After finding out how bad surf wax was for our oceans i was shocked. Most of the large brands use petroleum based products to create their wax and some even contain microcrystalline plastics. So every time we go surfing we are adding to the oceans problems and with the large number of people surfing well the thought horrified me. I did some research and starting trying to make an environmentally friendly version. After thousands and thousands of attempts i came up with something that resembled surf wax. I handed it to local surfers and the toy factory in newquay and using their feedback we refined the wax and were left with a very sticky and easy bar to use.

Our waxes are 100% eco friendly and do not harm the ocean. Our products contain natural ingredients. As surfers we should try and do our little bit protecting our playground from pollution.


  • No Petroleum
  • No Microplastics
  • Environmentally friendly