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Board & Wetsuit Repair Products

It's a rough world out there - whether you're catching waves on a tight rocky cove in Cornwall or surfing a wide-open Bondi-style beach, your kit is going to take some knocks. A stitch in time really can save nine when it comes to keeping your equipment in good condition. A small rip in your suit might only look minor, but it can leech heat, sapping your energy and tiring you out quicker. Using our Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Glue on a small rip can prevent it from becoming expensive down the road, and it'll keep you warmer in the water for longer. Similarly, slapping some Ding Repair Tape over a nick on your stick will stop cracks from forming, slowing you down and shortening your gear's life.

Take a look below and build yourself a first-aid kit for your kit, before you need it.

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