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Dinghy Gloves

Possibly one of the most important accessories you will buy when you go dinghy sailing. Buying the right pair of dighy gloves can make your time afloat a lot more enjoyable. To make ain informed decision on what gloves you need for dinghy sailing you need to consider the following questions: will you be handing sheets a lot and will they be high load? If you arent then a cheaper pair of gloves might be right for you as you won't need expensive hard wearing sections. Do you need gloves to keep your hands warm? If so you will need winter or 3 season gloves which will have thermal insulation. Will you likely need to be able to untie knots in small ropes? If so get short finger gloves as its difficult to fix and untie things with full finger sailing gloves.

Decide whether you need them for warmth At Coast Water Sports we stock a huge range of dinghy gloves, including long finger, short finger, 3 finger, winter gloves, neoprene gloves, leather gloves and thermal glove liners. All of our stock is provided by the best leading water sports brands such as Gill, Crewsaver, Magic Marine, Typhoon and Zhik

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