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Surfboard Leashes

When it comes to surfing, the little things can make a big difference. It’s important to choose the right surfboard, but choosing a good surfboard leash is also vital. Surfboard leashes are crucial for both safety and convenience, preventing you from becoming separated from your board after a bail or a fall. A poorly made leash is likely to snap under pressure, so it pays to buy the best.

We’ve got great prices on surfboard leashes from top brands including Dakine, Northcore and Rip Curl. We only stock the finest leashes so you can be sure that all of our products can stand up to even the roughest of conditions. We’ve also got replacement leash string so, should the worst happen, you can fix your leash instead of buying an entirely new one. With colours and lengths to suit surfers of all ages and abilities, we’ve got everything you need to stay attached to your board.

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