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Surfboard Locks & Key Safes

Have you ever gone for a surf and worried that the keys you've hidden by that seemingly camouflaged rock are going to get pinched when you're out on the waves? Well, those days are over, as here at Coast Water Sports we have a range of key locks, travel locks and key safes. With pricing ranging from £9 to £50, we have all the locks you need to ensure that you never have to worry about pesky surfboard thefts down by the coast again! Everything on this page is for sale so hurry while stocks last!

We have a variety of locks including double lock systems that can fit all sized keys, and are easy to secure anywhere. We also offer key locks for car windows that fit Surflogic Key Locks. We have waterproof locks as well as digital combination, so we have every level of safety at your fingertips.

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