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White Water & Touring / Recreation Cags

At Coast Water Sports, we offer a range of white water, touring & recreation cags, and junior kayak cags (cagoules). These cags offer extra water and heat sealing around the waist, wrists and neck, making them more waterproof and better insulated than a normal raincoat. We offer a range of colours, styles, and sizes for men, women and children.

Our white water cags are best suited to more action-orientated kayaking, with extra neoprene sealing around the neck & waist, double wrist latex & neoprene sealing, and reinforced areas for extra protection. Our touring and recreational cags will still give great heat and dryness, but without unnecessary additional sealing or padding. These cags are ideal for more relaxed kayak use. Some of our touring cags do come with neoprene waist seals for extra protection if needed.

The junior paddling cag range provides durable, lightweight protection for younger, less experienced paddlers looking to get into recreational kayaking.