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Canoe & Kayak Helmets

Our canoe and kayak helmets range from the pure comfort and functionality of our Palm Surf header caps, to the adrenalising, sleek designs of the Gul Elite and Gul Evo ranges. If you are looking to spend the bare minimum, scroll down to RUK Sport. At £23 each, these helmets are a steal.

The Gul Elite Watersports helmets are made from sleek, industrial black ABS, which matches beautifully a rich gold finish. For a style that says ‘ruthless efficiency’, try the silver/carbon finish. The visor has an aerodynamic build that would not look out of place on a Motocross track.

For a more vintage, elegant style, try the Gul Evo or Palm Shuck halt-cut helmets. These helmets are well-padded, especially the Palm Shuck, which grips your head very comfortably. The matte finish of these two brands will accessorise perfectly with your crew and canoe.

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