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Mens Summer Wetsuits

Wearing a wetsuit is often a must when taking part in sports in open water, providing insulation from the cold temperatures. High quality wetsuits are robust, comfortable, and help you to enjoy your sport with much more freedom, while still giving you the protection you need. Different wetsuits may be required depending on the climate or season to help to maintain your body temperature. Summer wetsuits are designed for warmer conditions, offering a balance of insulation and freedom of movement. Because less warmth is required, these suits are made from thinner and lighter materials, and a range of styles are available. As well as full length suits, which cover your arms and legs, you can find suits with short legs and sleeves, sleeveless models, and wetsuit tops, which allow you to simply wear your swimsuit on your bottom half. Different sports call for different types of mens wetsuits - swimming wetsuits and triathlon suits are designed for efficiency in the water thanks to the cut and material placement, while suits for sailing, surfing, or wakeboarding are optimised for comfort and performance on the water. As well as the safety aspect, men's summer wetsuits can offer increased efficiency and performance.

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