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Surfboard Wax & Wax Combs

An essential surfing accessory for when you hit the water, our collection of Surfboard Wax and Wax Combs give you the grip and traction you need when riding a wave. With advanced and long-lasting formulas from brands including Froth Surf and Matunas, you'll find everything from warm water surfboard wax, to extra sticky all water wax, and softer style wax that's ideal for larger boards. You'll also find ethically sourced and scent-free Eco Wax from environmentally friendly surf brand Green Stuff.

Alongside surfing wax, Coast Water Sports has a selection of tough and durable wax combs including Northcore's bamboo wax combs, all designed to effectively texturise and efficiently remove surfboard wax. We also stock DEWAX.IT, a specially formulated wax remover to keep your surfboard looking its best.

Designed for high-performance surfing, board wax and wax combs are fundamental for your outdoor over water adventure. From mango scented pink girls wax to super sticky and biodegradable wax, you'll find everything you need to prevent you from slipping off your board when paddling out and riding the waves.

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