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Kitesurf Wetsuits

Having a wetsuit that is optimal for your body and your sport is essential. The main objective of a wetsuit is to protect your precious body heat. It does this by holding a thin layer of water next to the skin that insulates against the temperature of the surrounding water. Our range of kitesurf wetsuits provides for any and all levels of experience and water conditions. Affordability is combined with high quality to enable you to source the best, most effective suit for your personal level of expertise. Take into account the weather conditions you will most likely be facing. Particularly cold water will require a suit that is optimised for adequate insulation. Our range of full suits are perfect for colder water conditions. For the warmer climates, our Mystic Range has the short arms and legs option, protecting your body heat around your major organs but allowing you the freedom of direct contact with the water on your limbs. Also, ensure that you obtain the correct size of suit as this is essential for it to do its job properly. Durability can also be a factor if you are using your suit on a regular basis. The better the quality of the suit, the longer it will stand up to the rigours of extreme sporting in all possible conditions. The Mystic DRIP and DIVA ranges provide our highest quality products for regular usage and boast excellent sturdiness with an impressive stretch ratio.

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