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Mystic Wetsuits

Mystic’s innovative and durable wetsuits range provides the comfort and flexibility that kite surfers, paddle boarders, windsurfers and wakeboarders demand. Delivering superior quality wetsuits for men, women and juniors, Mystic combines the latest swimwear manufacturing technology and innovative designs to create suits providing greater freedom for all types of water sport enthusiasts. Designed from high-quality neoprene material which allows freedom of movement without restriction, Mystic suits will keep the wearer warm even in most extreme conditions, allowing the rider to stay in the water for longer periods. Features of the wetsuit such as waterproof stretch taping will minimise leakage and keep the suit dry and comfortable for the wearer. Mystic apparel is created by a team of board-riding professionals, with a range of robust wetsuits to suit every budget from entry-level through to high-end performance suits, all designed to look stylish both in and out of the water. Mystic’s waterwear collection spans full wetsuits or shorty suits and provides a choice of long or short arms, plus the option of a front or back zip construction. This ensures that there is a perfect suit for everyone who considers water sport, windsurfing, wakeboarding or stand up paddling to be a way of life.

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