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Surf Wetsuits

Water sports activity is increasing in popularity worldwide. With this in mind, we have sourced a wide variety of surf wetsuits for all levels of experience. For some, surfing is a once-a-year pastime, for others, it is a lifestyle. Choosing the right wetsuit for your personal commitment to the sport is essential for ensuring you are properly equipped for all conditions. Water temperature is the prime concern for surfers' comfort and wetsuits are specifically designed for insulating the wearer against the dangers of hypothermia. It does this by trapping a thin layer of water next to the wearer's skin, maintaining a stable temperature despite the surrounding water. Also worthy of consideration is the flexibility of the arms and legs section of the suit. While paddling out beyond the waves, the wearer's arms need to be unencumbered by inflexible neoprene. Our stock collection has got all your bases covered with suits for beginners and experts alike. From the Animal NOVA Range right up to the Gul FLEXOR range of suits, we have prices to suit all budgets which are manufactured to the highest quality. From lightweight to heavy-duty and with full abrasion resistance, we've got all seasons and all sea conditions accounted for.

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