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Mens 5mm Wetsuits

Enjoy the underwater world even when the temperatures drop with a 5mm wetsuit. Designed for winter climates, a 5mm wetsuit for men will keep you comfortable in water that is as cold as 14 degrees Celsius, whether you’re snorkelling, surfing or diving. Thicker wetsuits don’t mean stiffness or bulkiness. Modern 5mm wetsuits are flexible and conform to your body, allowing you to move freely in or out of the water. As well as stretchiness and comfort, look for a suit that has sealed and/or taped seams, to prevent cold water seeping into the suit. The choice of a front or back zip is personal preference, but zips or neoprene on the wrists and ankles can help keep warmth in and cold water out. At low temperatures, it is also important to consider accessories to protect your extremities and retain heat. Consider adding boots, gloves and a hood to your 5mm men’s wetsuit for optimal heat retention. Layering, such as with a rash vest, is another great way to keep warm in cool water, and can be easily worn underneath a 5mm wetsuit. Men's suits are available in a variety of colours, including blue, grey and black.

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