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Mens 4mm Wetsuits

Surf season doesn't have to end when the summer is finished. A men's 4mm wetsuit offers extra warmth, keeping you better insulated than a 3mm suit. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy hitting the waves for longer, and you'll stay comfortable and protected while you enjoy a long surf season. Equipped with your 4mm wetsuit, you'll be able to go surfing from the spring all the way into the autumn. These wetsuits are a great option for water that's cool but not too cold, and are the most popular men's wetsuit for European beach destinations, both in the UK and across the continent. No matter where you plan to go surfing, a 4mm wetsuit for men is a good, versatile choice. Warm enough to extend your surfing season by a few extra months, it's not as warm as a 5mm offering, which can lead to discomfort due to overheating and a feeling of rigidity when summer rolls around. You'll also still enjoy plenty of flexibility when you wear one of these suits, allowing the full range of movement that you need for maximum performance. If you only choose one men's wetsuit, a 4mm option is a popular choice.

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