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Rig Tension Gauges

Be able to check your rig tension with our collection of rig tension gauges, built to offer you the key measurements you need in order to perform. We’re proud to offer both tuning indicator strips to reference scale for halyard tension, jib lead or main traveller positions as well as rig tension gauges. These Rig-Sense gauges are calibrated in order to give accurate and more importantly, consistent readings time and time again. Whether you’re a beginner, a professional or an expert, it’s important that you know how key rig set up is to your overall performance. Being able to repeat rig settings for varying conditions and environments is massively important when it comes to the full season. Inconsistency has always been a massive frustration for sailors when they’ve had to rely on basic tools so with this Rig-Sense tension gauge comes a breath of fresh air and that much needed consistency. See more...

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