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Canoe & Kayak Footwear

Whether you are a seasoned kayaker or are just starting out, you will need adequate footwear when out on the water. We have a wide selection of footwear designed especially for kayaking and canoeing, helping to keep your feet protected, while in the vessel and in the water.

Made from high-quality scuba material, specialist kayaking and canoeing footwear keeps feet warm in cooler weather, and cool during hot weather. Strong and durable soles also protect your feet when mounting the vessel - both in and out of the water. We stock many leading brands of canoeing and kayaking footwear, with many variations available for both men and women, children, and in a range of sizes.

Footwear is a highly important piece of kit in kayaking and canoeing - and is imperative in performance and in safety. So have a browse of our specialist footwear to find the shoe that is perfect for you.

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