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Buoyancy Bags for Canoe & Kayaks

For peace of mind when kayaking and canoeing, browse our range of high-quality, durable canoe and kayak buoyancy bags and floats. Essential safety equipment for all your overwater adventures, the Coast Watersports collection of airbags from brands including Palm, Yak and Ruk give you assurance in even the most challenging of conditions.

Fitting extra buoyancy to your canoe or kayak ensures your boat will float higher if you ever get into trouble, making it far easier to be rescued in moving water.

Our buoyancy and float bags come with everything from tie-in points for a secure fit to screw-lock systems that offer rapid inflation and deflation. We have float bags to fit modern kayaks, tapered bow and stern bags and centre buoyancy bags that fit the majority of canoes.

In the event of a capsized boat, safety equipment is crucial not only to aid your rescue but also to enable the boat to be emptied quickly.

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