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Mens Wetsuit Tops

Wetsuit tops have a whole range of benefits. Aside from the obvious, to keep you warm in cold water, they can also improve your buoyancy and even your swimming speed! By wearing a neoprene top or jacket, you don't have to expend energy on regulating your body temperature yourself, and can put that energy into your sport instead. You can wear a wetsuit top on its own, or layer it with other clothing or wetsuits e.g., with board shorts to keep warm if there's a chilly breeze on an otherwise sunny day. Or choose a thin neoprene top to use as a base layer underneath a full wetsuit. If you're going to be in very cold water, wear a thick wetsuit jacket on top of your existing wetsuit for extra insulation. You don't have to sacrifice style for function, either. Our range of wetsuit tops come in a variety of styles to keep you looking fashionable. Brands like Mystic and Rip Curl pack the best of neoprene technology in whilst presenting a modern aesthetic. Whether you're an avid surfer, swimmer, or sailor, the right wetsuit top or jacket can make the world of difference when you're out in the water.

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