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Wetsuit Dryers & Hangers

Wetsuits are great in the water, but they can be a real pain the rest of the time. They are heavy and cumbersome and getting them dry can seem like an impossible task. Storage is also tricky as a damp wetsuit is likely to make everything else wet as well. Luckily, help is at hand. Take the awkwardness out of owning a wetsuit with our range of great wetsuit dryers, hangers and bags. From magnetic wetsuit hangers that allow you to hang up your wetsuit anytime, anywhere, to state of the art wetsuit dryers that make soggy wetsuits a thing of the past, we’ve got you covered. With great deals on top brands including Rip Curl, Northcore and Mystic, and free delivery on all UK orders over £20, you can find the perfect wetsuit accessories without spending a fortune.

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