2021 HO Sports Hot Shot Trainers Bar/Rope

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The Hot Shot Trainers include a parent hand held rope system allowing the parent in the boat to control their little skier’s ride. To work in congress with the Hot Shot Trainer Waterskis, this rope features a dual handle system where one side is controlled by the parent while the other side loops through the trainer bar on the child’s ski tips and up for the child to grip. When the skier falls, the parent simply lets go of their end of the rope for easy mellow falls. Parents can also use this system to pull children around the yard or in the shallows for balance training and confidence building.
The HO Waterski Trainer Bar Accessory attaches ski tips together and connects to rope for easy stable starts and features a rope loop to keep your tips centered. It helps hold skis in place, making deep water starts a breeze by adding stability. It fits all HO Skis, O'Brien and Connelly Combo skis that have inserts forward of the bindings.


  • Parent hand help rope system
  • Dual-handle design
  • Eye-ring attachment
  • Eyelet rope connection
  • Attaches ski tips together
  • Helps hold skis in place
  • Fits all HO Skis, O'Brien and Connelly Combo skis