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North Seek Inflatable Wingfoil Board - Titanium

Year: 2023 Model: 230015North Kiteboarding
Model 85013.230015-196

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Redefining the inflatable foilboard. The Seek Air delivers the feel and performance of it’s hybrid carbon counterpart with all the lightweight convenience, portability, and durability of an inflatable.


  • Recycled PET Roller Bag with Straps, Inflatable Board Pump, Repair Kit and DropBox 23mm Screw Pack


  • Outstanding control and direct, responsive connection to your foil
    Effortless take offs and touchdown recovery
    Durable, impact absorbing and ding resistant
    Forgiving performance rails with sharp release tail
    Unique CST (Carbon Sandwich Transfer) base, custom curved to match the rocker of the board
    DropBox Fast Foil Mounting
    V Strap and Centreline Foot strap inserts
    5’9 / 6’2 ideal entry to foiling shaped for on water speed and fast, early take offs
    Maximum stiffness guaranteed – up to 15PSI Inflation pressure
    Sizes 5'9 and 6'2 supplied with Detachable Fins