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Aquabatten Dinghy Battens - New Style - 10mm

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Model AQUA-10
Bainbridge Marine

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Engineered to beat all the competition!

For decades leading sailors and yachtsmen have relied on aquabatten. Thanks to the unique ‘tapered by design’ construction, aquabatten delivers finer tips with thicker ends - resulting in a maximum form and strength through the batten length. 

  • Unique layering process reduces the risk of inter-laminar bond failure
  • No filaments cut in tapering process - unique laminate construction encapsulated in a multi layer outer casing
  • Minimised batten failure - reduces replacement costs 

Construction reduces stress - maximum stress is dissipated along the batten By manufacturing the product in a unique lamination lay-up, Aquabatten mirrors wooden batten design by ensuring the inherent strength of the construction is not ground away – which is the case with most other tapered battens. This ensures the batten is laminated completely from tip to tail and consequently has greater structural integrity, strength and durability. 

  • Handles torque stress caused by twist, where uni-directional battens fail
  • Increased durability and strength when sail is stored or covered
  • Epoxy resin composition gives a stronger, hydrophobic batten which keeps the batten at design weight and eliminates loss of strength in the resin

Battens carefully calculated to a specific EI number (stiffness) for easy product selection 

Today, Aquabatten has been developed to offer the most comprehensive range of widths, lengths and types – designed to suit the very latest sail designs and to continue to offer the very best performance.

New style battens come exactly to length and do not require the use of end caps as the old style blue battens