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Low Pressure Kayak Pumps | Pumps for low pressure kayaks e.g Aquaglide Chinook,

If you own a small kayak, you might be wondering which pump to buy. There are several types of pump available, depending on what type of vessel you have, and in which situations you intend to use the pump. For most small kayaks, a manual pump will suffice. You can choose between hand pumps, which are particularly suited to the smallest vessels, or low-pressure foot pumps, which are more effective at pushing air into larger vessels. These are also more useful for travel, and for use when you are out with your kayak and need to top-up air. You can also use motorised electrical pumps to emit low pressure. You can choose a low voltage pump that will ensure you can fill your vessel with ease at any time when there is a power point available. Whatever your needs, we have a selection of kayak pumps for you to choose from below.

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