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Zhik 270 Boots - Grey

Year: 2023
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Model DBT-0270-U-GRY-

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Conquer the elements with the Zhik 270 Boot, peak performance and grip for performance sailors. 

With a 4mm neoprene upper, the Zhik 270 Boot offers insulation to help keep your feet warm in cold conditions and the 2mm rubber upper helps them grip to your toe straps! The reinforced toe and heel areas provide added support and durability.

The Zhik 270 Boot delivers the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and style. Elevate your dinghy sailing experience with these premium boots from Zhik.

Our Opinion and Buying Guide:

Sizing: As with nearly all Zhik footwear the sizes are way out from what they say on the box. You need to go at least a size up from your regular size when buying in UK sizes. If you want to wear wetsuit socks or a drysuit with them then we would recommend going up 2 sizes. I am a UK 9 and I wear a Zhik UK10 in the summer and UK11 in the winter with my drysuit. They are not particulary wide - Top tip: follow the size guide below and if in between sizes go up a size!

Grip and the Soles: These boots do provde excellent grip on both grp and also tramps on moths and waszps. We have found when worn a lot on hard surfaces, such as tarmac and concrete they wear down quickly. When we have sold them to junior and youth members at the club who spend all day in them walking around on hard surfaes the soles can wear through in a few months.

Laces and Straps: The lace system works well. Its designed to be used with the laces provided and just pulled taught. The lacing takes a bit of getting used to as its on the outside of the boot and is not as easy to access. The lace clip is hard to pinch to release when your hands are cold as the pinch buttons are top and bottom and not on the sides of the clip as you would expect.

Do not replace with thinner laces that enable you to do the up tighter or the lace loops will fail. The strap that secures the top of the boot has an internal pocket for the lace ends, which works well. The strap is no longer on a buckle allowing a 2:1 purchase, so its now just wrapped around and stuck in place with hook and loop. It works well, but doesnt feel a secure as the 260 boots that these replace.

Longevity: If you have avoided wearing through the soles, you will find that the light grey material on the top of the foot cracks within 12 months. We havent found that to be an issue or get so bad that it forms a hole in to the boot and are still wearing them like this after 2 years.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision about these boots.


  • Outer Sole: 100% Rubber
  • Mid Sole: 70% Neoprene; 20% Polyethylene Terephthalate; 10% Nylon
  • Upper: 80% Neoprene; 20% Nylon


  • An update to a favourite amongst the sailing community and a great all rounder
  • EVEN MORE GRIP with an optimised rubber compound, and new moulded sole
  • New quick lock lacing system makes it easy to put on and take off
  • Improved ankle strap design removes bulk but retains support
  • Reinforced midsole + moulded heel cup add structure and support to the boot
  • Moulded sole with Arch support works with the quick lock lacing for a firm + secure fit
  • Superior Zhik fit is achieved by moulding the boot on Zhik’s unique ergonomic lasts. This gives you a firm + close fit with more comfort, and reduced chafe
  • 4mm neoprene and 2mm rubber upper suitable for all year round sailing