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1.3mm Marlow Kiteline Race 99 Dyneema - SK99 / Metre

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Model KL03

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Kiteline Race utilises bio-based Dyneema SK99. While maintaining the breakload of 270kg on the 1.3mm the thinner than normal diameter improves kite performance especially in light winds and offers great durability and strength even when lines are crossed. 

Use for some control lines on Moths

CONSTRUCTION:12 Strand or 16 Strand bio-based Dyneema SK99
COATING: ArmourCoat
APPLICATIONS: Kitelines | Some control lines on Moths / Ride Height / Wand Length


  • Easy to splice
  • Excelent abrasion resistance
  • Good UV resistance
  • High strength
  • Low elongation
  • Made with bio-based Dyneema fibre
  • Very light weight
  • Zero water shrinkage