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1.5mm Marlow Excel Racing Dinghy Line / Metre

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Model Racing1.5

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CONSTRUCTION: 12 Strand Colour Matched Dyneema ® SK78 core | 16 plait polyester cover

LENGTH: Sold by the Metre

USE:Halyards | Sheets | Control lines | Kickers | Out/downhauls | Backstays | Ties/lashing

Average Break load (kg) 139

Weight (kg / 100m) 0.17


  • 12 Strand Dyneema® Core - Even easier to taper (4mm+)
  • New 16 Plait cover significantly improves abrasion resistance and grip
  • Holds in cleats, makes it ideal for halyards and control lines.
  • Distinctive colours, makes for easy line identification while racing.
  • Marlow Pre-stretched Dyneema® SK78 cores, ensures line will have minimal stretch when used.
  • Flexibility through tight radii of blocks.