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Allen Brothers Trapeze Ball System - Handles [PAIR]

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Allen Brothers
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Keyball Trapeze Handle (Pair)

CNC Machined from marine grade Aluminium to ensure a long lasting and lightweight finish.

The handle features a finger friendly grip making holding onto the handle as easy as possible, even with gloves on.

The ball is attached to the handle via a wire with a rubber cover. This allows the ball to articulate separately of the handle. This articulation makes guiding the ball into Keyball socket as easy as possible as well as allowing easy release.

The hole at the bottom of the handle is designed to take an elastic bungee, to guide the handle back to the boat when not in use.

The top hole is nicely chamfered so the trapeze height adjustment line can run easily with no friction. Alternatively, you can attach a block to this hole for further friction reduction.

Each handle is load tested for safety purposes before leaving the factory.

About the Keyball System:

For many years the Allen development team were keen to design a trapeze system that improves the safety of the sport and reduces the risk of entrapment by the traditional hook-on trapeze harness.

Designer Julian Bethwaite had also been thinking along the same lines and had produced a prototype of the Keyball trapeze system. In conjunction with Bethwaite Design, Allen has developed the concept into a sleek and innovative design, eliminating the hook altogether and creating a safe intuitive solution that really works.

The Allen Keyball system removes the traditional hook from the trapeze harness and replaces it with a moulded plastic socket. The Keyball socket has no sharp edges or protruding parts meaning there is a reduced risk of entrapment for the user.

By wearing a Keyball harness you will also limit the chances of damaging the equipment on the boat, users are less likely to rip the sail or pierce the deck/hull of a boat because of the lack of pointy edges.