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Anchoright Anchor Chain Marking Kit - 6 Colour

Model MZ-6526

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Keep track of your anchor layout with Anchoright

This kit combines the Anchoright guide plate with a selection of Anchor chain markers, five in each colour.

Colours in this kit are Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green and Pink

Choose your chain size from the options above

The guide plate can be customised for the chain length and colours you wish. Simply slot the colours and numbers into the plate to match how you mark up your chain and place it on the deck next to your windlass as a simple reference for you and your crew.

Made of durable plastic it will last for years even in the harshest conditions out on deck.

Guide plates are provided with a set of numbers for you to insert into the plate giving you complete flexibility on the intervals you want to mark. Intervals provided are in 5s from 5 to 50 and then 10s from 60 through to 100.

Whilst there is no official sequence, a customary one for the first five is Red-Yellow-Blue-White-Green.