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Sailing Backpacks

Enjoy your day on the water with our fabulous selection of high-quality sailing backpacks. Offering a variety of sizes and styles to suit all abilities and preferences, these backpacks boast specific design features to enhance your sailing experience. With waterproof technology and seamed seals, these backpacks are designed to keep all of your belongings dry. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colours to match your style.

Offering plenty of space from 20 litres to 55 litres, these backpacks are designed to safely store personal items including electronics. Most backpacks also have different compartments to keep your clothing, food, and laptops separate.

Each of our sailing backpacks has been designed with comfort, durability, and water resistance in mind. From padded shoulder straps to chest straps, these backpacks offer additional support and stability for all-day wear. Suitable for a wide range of budgets, they are lightweight, secure, and easy to lift. Whether you're a sailing pro or a complete novice, these backpacks offer a little something for everyone.

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