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DaFin Kicks / Bodyboarding Fins - Kai - Blue

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Model DAF-S-BY

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Kicks fins are a versatile user friendly fin designed for fun in the ocean whether bodyboarding, swimming, snorkeling, or just playing in the surf. Kicks fins were designed by legendary Hawaii bodyboarder Aka Lyman by modifying the DaFiN design to a rounded blade with sloping side rails that is perfect for the drop–knee style of bodyboarding.

Kicks fins were designed by Hawaii bodyboarding legend Aka Lyman.
Kicks is the ultimate fin for the all around bodyboarder.
Tested and perfected at Oahu's Sandy Beach, Kicks delivers the power and versatility required by today's dropknee and prone riders.

Kicks has the most comfortable foot pocket of any fin on the market.
Light weight, floats in the ocean.
No right or left foot difference.
Choose from a wide selection of colors to fit your style!

Kicks Bodyboard Fins : H20 Technology Kicks fins are the premiere bodyboarding fin for Hawaii's heaviest waves. The Aka Lyman design is perfect for drop knee but Kicks also powers prone riders with its unique flex design and high quality construction featuring multiple all natural rubber durometers for a natural feel in the water. Aka Lymna - "I wanted a fin that gave me the power I needed but was versatile enough to be used in any situation. I combined all the features I knew would make a great bodyboarding fin into the design of Kicks. DROP KNEE OR PRONE....Kicks Kick Ass!"