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Harken Marine Grip - Self Adhesive Grip Tape - 50mm - Sold by the Metre

RRP:USD $6.77
Model HK-MGP-2

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Harken Marine Grip, a thin, durable, nonabrasive grip tape that is more effective than adhesive alternatives and waxes, is now available. The superior grip tape reduces slipping and stands up to harsh marine conditions.

On the boat or on the dock. You’ll like Harken Marine Grip for what it does. You’ll like it even more for what it doesn’t do. This product does what a lot of competitive products claim to do — keep you from slipping.

Testing proves Marine Grip does this at least 40% more effectively than competitive products or wax.

But please note, it doesn’t do everything.

  • It doesn’t rip up your hands and knees, your swimsuit or your foul weather gear.
  • It doesn’t hold onto dirt, change color or get slippery after exposure to UVs and sea.
  • Plus, it doesn’t take all day to remove it.