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Ratchet Blocks

Discover a fantastic range of ratchet blocks made from the best manufacturers, including Harken, Holt, Karver and Ronstan. In the market nowadays there are both manual and automatic ratchet blocks available, with many uses on the boat. As an essential part of any boats equipment, ratchet blocks are built to make the whole sailing process easier with a much higher level of control guaranteed. Not only that but they allow you to hold sheets longer in your hands and improve the ease of trimming, making the sailing experience much easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re out racing or enjoying a casual outing, these ratchet blocks in our range are designed to last and will always perform. Gain a big advantage with these ratchet blocks and never look back. Get in touch with our expert sailing team today and talk through specifications, requirements and the options available to your and your dinghy.

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