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Sea Sure Stick on Pad I - Pack of

Model: 4SeaSure
Model 25.20CRD-4
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PAD i has been designed to allow you to fix low loading parts to your boat/deck without having to drill attachment holes. It comes with an over long length of rope so that you can attach a piece of hardware to it such as a block or ring and make it the length that you need.

Make sure the fitting that you are attaching to PAD i is fitted and that the rope is set to the correct length prior to sticking.
The key to fitting PAD i is to prepare the surface that you will stick it to well. It is recommended that you masking tape around the area that you will fit it to, rub down the area and the underneath of the PAD i using sand paper or a harsh wet and dry so that the glue has a good surface to adhere to. Once the area is rubbed down, clean the PAD i and area with some white spirit/meths to remove grease and dirt. We recommend using Sikaflex or a similar sealant to stick the PAD i down. Make sure that the full surface of the bottom of the PAD i is covered in glue to make sure that you get the best possible result.

It is recommended to follow the instructions of the glue manufacturer that you use as to how long it will take to fully set. In the case of Sikaflex this can be up to 48hours.

If the PAD i is fitted correctly using Sikaflex then the fitting will take 80kg of force before pulling off. If you were to use Epoxy or Plexus for example this load may be much higher however the fitting will be much harder to remove if you ever needed to in the future.