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Buoyancy Aids for Touring & Recreation Kayaking

Recreational buoyancy aids are designed with comfort in mind, come with simple features – such as front-entry zips – and usually lack pockets. While touring versions are often front-entry too, they differ from recreational ones as they generally have more buoyancy and features to increase their functionality in a wide variety of conditions. Examples include bigger storage pockets for storing daily essentials, reflective strips for nighttime visibility, water hydration pouches, a low profile cut for maximum mobility when paddling, and greater adjustability.

Whatever buoyancy aid you go for the fit must be snug and comfortable, but make sure you buy the right type of buoyancy aid for the paddling you're planning to do. A recreational design is primarily suited for sit-on-top kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, and children. In comparison, a touring version is better suited for more demanding environments and long days on the water where you need added safety and functionality-boosting features.

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