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Zone3 Apollo Swimming Goggles - Silver/Black

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Model SA18GOGAP116/OS

We aren’t all built the same way, that’s why we offer our clothing in a variety of sizes, the same can be said for our goggles. If you struggle to find the right fit because you have a smaller head, then our answer for you is the Apollo Goggle. This goggle is designed with a smaller hydro-namic flexible frame that cuts through the water and conforms to smaller head sizes, without compromising vision or comfort.

Key Features

  • Ultra-soft silicon gaskets.
  • Smaller fitting one-piece hydro-dynamic flexible frame.
  • Italian lenses in smoke or clear vision blue.
  • Anti-Fog treated lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Wide angle curved lenses.
  • Easy-adjust strap.

Key Benefits:

Comfort and functionality for smaller head sizes.
Outstanding peripheral vision from curved anti-fog lenses.
Reduced glare from smoke-tinted lenses, or enhanced low light clarity with blue tint lenses.

Key Features Include:

Ultra-soft silicon gaskets minimise pressure around the eyes keeping you comfortable during both open water and pool sessions.
Curved lenses give an excellent field of vision allowing you to carefully navigate your direction and spot any other swimmers.
Anti-Fog lens protection gives crystal clear vision preventing the need for mid swim demisting.
Smoke lenses minimise the suns glare from the water.
Clear Vision blue lenses increase vision clarity in low light conditions.