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Allspars Thimbles - Anodised Red

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Round Thimbles have been designed to replace blocks in applications where the line passing through the centre is not constantly moving. Because one line is effectively passing through a loop in another line, Round Thimbles add an extra safety dimension - if the thimble should fail the line is still captive and will not break free.

Round Thimbles are manufactured out of a high grade aluminium and are anodised in red. They are available in 6 sizes based on the hole in the centre.

Applications Include

  • Backstay cascades
  • Backstay flickers
  • Kicker cascades
  • Jib clew control lines
  • Jib barber haulers
  • Tweakers

Round thimble specifications:

Part NumberWidth (mm)Internal Ø (mm)Safe Working Load (kg)Breaking Load (kg)

Size 7 - See Below... Pictured separately

The size 7 round thimble is specifically designed to be used as a jib in hauler ring. The thimble is practically flat on the inside, this allows the primary sheet to run smoothly through the ring and when loaded up does not point load the sheet which can lead to failure of the sheet.

You can either splice directly onto the thimble - or simply run the purchase through the inside of the ring - as the loads are always in opposite directions there is little or no chance of chafe.

Internal diamater of 33mm, can take upto 12mm rope spliced around thimble