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Allen Brothers A2123 20mm Dynamic Micro Flip Flop Block

Allen Brothers
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Model A2123*1
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20mm Flip Flop Block

Flip flop blocks are designed to pivot around a central fixing point, this keeps the rope close to the deck, mast or boom whilst still allowing the block to articulate to the correct lead angle, ensuring friction stays as low as possible whilst still guiding the rope to where it needs to go.

Features a laser-cut stainless-steel body and backing plate, guaranteeing each one is finished to the exact same measurements and quality finish. This precision manufacturing style allows for maximum strength in the smallest form possible. 

The 20mm sheave features our dynamic ball bearing technology. Which uses twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel rail. This provides a superior load-carrying ability and longevity when compared to other bearing systems which run on a plastic rail.

A clevis pin holds the main flip flop body to the backing plate. This clevis pin is the central flip flop /pivot point for the block. Removing the clevis pin will part the body and backing plate, allowing for easy access to the backing plate as well as giving the option to install the body either way up.

Ideal for dinghy and keelboat control lines as well as pump-action spinnaker systems. 

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